How it is Possible to Discard Afni inc – Facts and Solution

“How it is VERY Possible for You to Delete Your Bad Credit Accounts with Afni Inc, to Get Back to a Good Credit Standing”

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Afni Inc charge offs and collection accounts can prevent you from living the life you deserve. You can get them legally, ethically and legitimately removed by following the advice we offer to you here.

If you have ever got into trouble with credit cards or by borrowing a loan you were unable to pay back, it can come back to bite you in the butt.

It is not uncommon for unexpected situations to come up, where “life happens” and you need to pay for things with a credit card or other borrowed funds.

If you did not have a savings or reserve set in place, after a short while you may barely be able to make the minimum payments on your credit cards.

After a while, you may have stopped paying the minimum payments.  The situation may seem hopeless,  and some people will just cut up their credit cards and try to pretend that the problem doesn’t exist.

Of course, most people know that this is the absolute wrong thing to do.

After a while, any outstanding debts can or will be sold to collection agencies, Afni Inc is one of them that may have hooked you with a charge off and collection account.

Now, it is possible you could have paid at this point, but often times there are so many fees that get tacked on to the original amount.

Debt collection companies like Afni Inc can and will send you letters every week.

They can began to call you – every single day.

The big problem starts when receive letters from the credit bureaus stating that Afni inc, or another collection agency has added “collection items” to your credit history.

If you ever find yourself in a situation quite like this, follow these do’s and don’ts and save yourself months of mental fatigue and stress from the bill collectors:


  • Don’t attempt to negotiate with a  bill collector (Afni inc, or otherwise) on the phone. If you want to dispute the collection item, you need to do so in writing so that there will be a record of your communication with the bill collection agency.
  • Don’t make friends with your bill collector. You are just a name on a piece of paper to them. They are not interested in your personal circumstances, and you will never get them to help you out of sympathy or human kindness.
  • Don’t write too many letters to to the collection agency!  If you write a response every time you receive a letter from the agency (afni inc, or a different on), you can cause your dispute to be labeled “frivolous.” If this happens, your chances of successfully removing your credit report charge offs are virtually non-existent.
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  • Don’t offer to pay any part of your debt UNLESS you have already:
  •   1)  Made Afni inc, or the debt agency prove that you owe the debt and
  •   2)  Made sure that the statute of limitations on the debt has not already expired.   Offering to pay on a debt may be enough to restart the clock on the statute of limitations,  thereby forcing you to pay off a debt you were technically no longer legally responsible for.
  • Don’t expect to pay the full amount of your debt.  Remember, debt agencies purchase the debt from your original lender for pennies on the dollar. It is perfectly reasonable to pay them out at a rate comparable to what they paid.
  • Don’t try to handle everything on your own.   Legal help is available no matter how limited your budget may be.
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  • Remain professional in all of your interactions with the debt collector.   Just because they are behaving in a rude, discourteous, disrespectful, and even harassing manner does not mean that you should respond in kind.   The more calm and business-like you can be about the situation, the more control you will have over the outcome.
  • Make sure all of your letters to afni inc are well written and use the appropriate terminology and tone.   If you use correct legal terms, the bill collection agency will have to wonder if you’ve hired a lawyer to write the statements for you. This may cause them to back down a little.
  • Begin the “debt validation” process. This basically means that you exercise your right to make afni inc prove that you actually owe the debt.   If they are unable to do so, your debt is absolved.
  • Investigate the statute of limitations in your state.  Each state has different laws about how long an individual can be held responsible for their debts. If the collection item you’re dealing with is old, it’s quite possible that the statute of limitations has already run out and you do not need to pay at all.
  • Learn about your rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. If you can prove that your afni inc collections agent is using tactics that violate this act, you can use it against afni inc in your negotiations.
  • If you do make an offer to pay, make sure that you include a clause requiring afni inc to remove the collection item from your credit report.

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